1. Go to www.wallacestate.edu
 2. Hover over the Admissions tab   
 3. Select Apply Online in the drop down  
 4. Select Apply Online in the drop down   
 6. Select the Apply for Admission tab   

7. Read and follow the instructions:
  1. Create a Login ID and PIN
    1. (DE students - we suggest using the first four letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your social security for your Login ID and your six digit date of birth for your PIN) 
  2. Select Dual Enrollment in the drop down for Application Type 
  3. Select the term you plan to begin taking courses 
    1. A check list will come up--Please complete each item on the checklist. Each time you complete an item on the checklist, click checklist at the bottom and it will take you back to the checklist menu Select Program of Study--When you come to the Program of Study on the check list it indicates to select High School Student for Dual Enrollment Student, however, there is not a High School Student option, please select the major for the program in which you plan to begin (ie –EGT for Engineering Technology) 
  4. Select High School Code from search and drop down--On the High School Checklist, make sure to include your estimated high school graduation date

8. Upon completion of the checklist items, select Application is Complete 

9. Select I agree to the terms – Click Submit 

10. Print the signature page (residency form)

** The Admissions office will need the signature page (residency form) along with a copy of your driver license, and a copy of your ACT test score if applicable. If you do not have ACT test scores or an ACT score of 20 or above in the English and Math section, the Compass placement test will be required 

An unofficial copy of your high school transcript, a copy of your ACT or COMPASS score, and the dual enrollment permission form goes to the Extended Learning Department (Dual Enrollment Office), 9th Floor, JBC